Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Widow's Weekend and Thanksgiving

This last weekend was pretty productive for me. It started on Friday with a very fun Game Night. We played a new game I got, Pictureka. It was so much fun! I didn't win, but I still had a blast playing it. It involved scrambling to find a hidden picture before others did, bidding how many pics you could find, or finding a certain number on your own with the 30 second time constraints. We will definitely be playing that again soon.

Saturday was all about shopping. Since it was opening weekend of the gun deer hunting, there were major craft shows all over. I pretty much finished up my Christmas shopping. I have a few thing left to get, but the majority is purchased and wrapped. One less thing to worry about. Plus I was able to get some pretty nice things this year. I was sad to find out that this will be the last year that Winnebago will have their Holiday House. That is always one of my favorites.

Since Thanksgiving is this Thursday, it will be a short week at school. It should pass by pretty quickly. Then it will be all about the turkey. I am going to brine the turkey this year, so I will be looking up exactly how to do that sometime tonight. Wish me luck! Other than that, Thanksgiving should be pretty relaxed. I plan to work on the cooking tomorrow night on everything that can be made ahead.

After we are done eating, we will be heading to Minnesota. We will do the annual shopping at the Mall of America for Black Friday. Ryan, Caden, and I will be hanging out with the Solloms Friday night. We will then scoot over to Sara and Mike's in Victoria for Maddie's first birthday party at noon on Saturday. After the party we will be heading back to town.

Caden's one year pics will finally be this Sunday. As of now he is bruise free...please keep your fingers crossed. Bruises or not, the pics will be this Sunday. We are doing outdoor shots, so I am hoping it won't be too cold. We will bundle up and have some cute pics of him in his winter hat if need be.

I will leave you with some pictures of Caden. Here is one of him eating spaghetti for the first time. I wasn't brave enough to give him the sauce as well, but he ended up liking the noodles. This was, of course, after he played with them for a good 15 minutes. I kept pulling one noodle and eating it so he could see that the little strings were edible. Eventually he got it. He seemed to like the spaghetti as he couldn't shove enough in his mouth at a time.

He has also taken a liking to his sock monkey cap. He brings it up to us so we will put it on him.

A new favorite toy is a 5 gallon bucket from Menards. He was playing with that for quite awhile. He was dragging it around the island, then pushing it in the living room... Good times!

Baths are also super fun again. While I was running the bath water tonight he crawled upstairs and walked into the bathroom. He then (fully dressed) tried to climb into the bathtub. Too funny! He has gone from one extreme to the other. Here is a cute pic from him in the bathtub last week. Enjoy!

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