Sunday, November 15, 2009


Don't know what I caught, all I know is that it started as a headache on Wednesday night and had me so sick I couldn't go to work on Friday. H1N1? Perhaps. I just want it to go away at this point. Friday was my low point. I thought I could make it at least a half day at work, but I was so dizzy as I walked to get my phone I realized there was no way I could go in. I didn't leave the bedroom after I made the call to school saying I wasn't going in. My fever broke at 10:30 that morning on a good note.

Saturday was better, but my throat was so sore I could barely swallow anything. Because of this I probably drank a total of 10 ounces combined for Friday and Saturday. I was able to get out of bed and shower. All while this is going on Ryan played single Daddy with Caden. I was able to eat again Saturday, but not as much as normal.

Today was going pretty well until tonight. We didn't go to church this morning. I didn't want to infect anyone with anything. I am thinking of the older members of the congregation. We were still up pretty early. I even ate the pancakes Ryan made. After dinner, which was ham and normal fixin's, I started to get a bubbly stomach. Since then I have popped 4 Tums and have been in and out of the bathroom. I guess that is my body's way of telling me that it is NOT ready to eat normal food yet. I will obey.

I have some cute pics to upload. I had to cancel Caden's one year pics that were supposed to be taken yesterday. Luckily they were already canceled before my body decided to attack itself. Of course the little guy cannot go a week without getting a bruise on his face. This time it is a dandy. I will make sure to post pics tomorrow. I took a nice one showing the new marks. You would think we beat this child. Our only saving grace is that fact that he is so darn happy. I don't think beaten children are that happy.


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