Sunday, September 27, 2009

Young OD of the Year

It has been so hard keeping it a secret from Ryan that he is Young OD of the Year in Wisconsin. We have known now for a few weeks, but we couldn't tell him. Whew! I am glad he knows. We had a great weekend in the Dells for the Optometric Convention. It was an extra long weekend for me since I took my personal day on Friday so that I would be able to see Ryan get his award. It was worth it. Here are some pics from when he got it:

The rest of the weekend consisted of lots of shopping. It was great. It was nice too because Caden got to spend quite a bit of time with his cousin Drew and Aunt Cara.

Of course he tried out the water park. Since we were out and about so much he didn't play there until today. I wanted to go yesterday, but his afternoon nap was later than usual, so it didn't work out to go after that. But here are some cute pics of him in the water.

Cara discovered that the Lazy River had the magical power to knock out Drew each time!

Caden also discovered that he likes crawling into a packed suitcase. Here as a shot:

He climbed in there completely on his own. He also pulled his night light out of the suitcase, and then he crawled over to an outlet and tried to plug it in. He is a smarty!

He also took nine steps in a row. He made it four and started to almost fall, but he stopped and got his balance and then took five more steps! It will be any time now. Still need to do some more baby proofing.

Since today was the first day that really felt fall-like to me, I decided to put out all of my Halloween and Fall decor. I love it! We will all be putting out the Christmas items before we know it!


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