Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update Time!

We had a very nice weekend. We headed to Madison on Friday and met Cara, Jordon, and Drew for dinner at a sit down Chinese restaurant. It was very nice. After that we all headed to the hotel to jump into the pool. I could have handled the pool a little warmer, but it wasn't bad. The kids seemed to have a good time too. Here are some pics.

Grandma spending time with her boys.

I like this one of Caden chilling by the hot tub. Don't worry, I didn't put him in it. He just got to dip his little feet in it.

The next day Ryan and Dick had to be at their class from 8:45 until 4. Jordon went hunting, so Pam, Cara, Drew, Caden, and I hit the town. We first had to make a pit stop at the Bavaria Sausage Co. so I could pick up some pretzel rolls for some friends at school.

Then we went to the Farmer's Market. It was very nice. The weather was a little too warm in the sun, but it in the shade it was perfect. We discovered that Caden LOVES kettle corn.

Caden is now standing on his own. Ryan timed him today, and he lasted over a minute. The walking is coming. Here is a nice standing pic.

He also is loving his Build A Bear turtle's glasses. He thinks he is pretty cool when he wears them.

Silly boy!

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