Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sippy Cup and the First Day of School

Caden finally was able to drink out of a sippy cup yesterday!!! I was so excited. I put some of the yogurt juice in it. I figured something sweet might make him more willing to drink out of it. I still need to work on the holding of the sippy cup, but we've made progress! This will mean no more bottle, which is great since he rips the nipple out of the bottle. Here is a pick of him with the sippy.

I continued to try to get things done yesterday. I was able to run to my class to get the information I needed off of my computer to print the items I will needed

I also sorted through Caden's clothing to take out all of the 6-9 month clothing. I replaced it with his 12 month clothes. I am sad that they fit him already. :(

Yes, school started today. It should be an interesting year. Class sizes are definitely up. I have one of my classes at 28, one at 27, and my class with all of the English Language Learners (used to be English as a Second Language) has 30 students in it!!! Luckily one was absent, because I didn't have enough chairs, let alone work space for them. Hopefully guidance can do some shifting still.

Grandma also showed me a new trick of Caden's today when I got home. He is able to walk with the shopping cart now. Before he would kind of push it while on his knees. Too cute! I will post a video of this in the next couple of days.

He got his first taste of pizza today. He ate two crusts. He loved them!

Here is also a pic of Caden working on his stair climbing skills:


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