Saturday, August 01, 2009

We have arrived

Just wanted to check in quickly to tell you that we are in Myrtle Beach. We got in around 6:30 our time. It was a very looooooong drive. We did okay switching every two hours. It really helped to pass the time and keep the driver awake to listen to "Friends". We brought all of the DVD's. It was very nice.

Caden did very well again on the trip. He had one meltdown around 4 am. He started to freak out and wanted out of the car seat. We stopped as soon as we could. We got him out, I fed him, and he was out. Ryan said he just looked panicy like he was getting claustrophobic. Poor little guy. Here is a pic of us taking a break to play with his little blow up ball that he loves.

Stephanie, Gabe, and Alex still have not arrived. They had problems with some of their flights, so they ended up flying into Raleigh, North Carolina and were driving here. They think they will be here around 1 am. That stinks for them.

Tomorrow we are going to all sit down and talk about what we would like to do this coming week as a group. Since we all have our own vehicles we will also be doing some things on our own.

The house is very nice. I will take some pics tomorrow of the rooms to put on the blog. We are not right on the water, but we are very close. You can see the water from the balcony off of our room. I will give you lots of pics tomorrow.


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