Friday, August 21, 2009


Danny, Caden, and I safely arrived in Toledo. We left at 5:09 am. We had a last minute diaper change, otherwise I think we would have pulled out right at 5:00 am as planned. We pulled into Chicago around 7:45 am to have coffee with Jaime and Aurora at a coffee house. It was nice. We rolled into Toledo around 2:45. Not too bad. I also discovered that Caden likes french fries.

We went to Perrysburg to visit with Grandpa, Aunt Diane, and Jim. Caden examined Grandpa pretty closely. He liked his goatee.

We will be seeing them again tomorrow. We are meeting in Perrysburg at 11:30 so we can see JJ. Then we are heading out to lunch.

Then we were off to see everyone at Dad's. We saw Dad, Andrea, Andy, Laura, CJ, Stephanie, and Anna. Caden seemed to have a nice time. He especially loved playing with the remote controls. Here are some pics:

We are now back at Grandma's. I am stealing the internet from the neighbors. If I sit on her bed I can pick up the signal. As soon as Caden is in bed, Aunt Ann is coming over to play Shanghai. She also found out that I am not eating any candy or junk food except her cake. She is currently baking a cake. Oh darn! :) Guess I will have to eat me some cake!

Have a nice night!


Daniel said...

Nice pics!

Diane said...

I like the site!