Saturday, August 22, 2009

Piano and the Hulk

Lunch was very good at Bob Evans today. Caden was asleep when we first got there. My dad held the car seat on his lap most of the time while he slept. It was cute. Here is a pic of Andrea (Amma) admiring him shortly before he woke up:

We then went to Perrysburg after we ate to spend a little more time with the family. Danny also spent some time with one of the kittens they have. It is only two weeks old.

After that we went back to Dad and Andrea's. While there we discovered that Caden loves the piano. Here we are having a jam session.

I am disappointed I couldn't bring it home this time. I am hoping I can get it before Christmas. I would love to be able to play.

We had dinner at the Beirut with Aunt Chris, Uncle Johnny, Aunt Ann, Andrea, Jacob, and Grandma. Caden was out when we got there. He slept on Danny for quite a while.

The food was very good. Caden enjoyed eating a lemon.

He even went to Aunt Ann.

The highlight after dinner was seeing the Hulk. I'm not too sure why the sculpture was in the parking lot across the street from the restaurant, but we couldn't miss the photo op!

We are leaving tomorrow. We are meeting Dad, Andrea, and Steph for breakfast at 10, and then we will be heading for home.

Have a great night!

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