Thursday, August 06, 2009

Pawleys Island and walking the beach

We found a place called Pawleys Island (no, there is not an apostrophe in the name) on the Internet, so the Josephs and Ames families decided to hit the shops there. We found a few good things. We had lunch at a pretty good place. I think it was called the High Hammock. I got a blue crab salad and Ryan got a flounder sandwich. We figure we should eat as much seafood as we can while we are here. Here is a pic of Caden wearing his new bib we bought today, and also a cute pic of the Josephs fam.

I was able to find the scrapbook store that was there. I was very disappointed. They had some cute sheets of paper, but they mostly had cut outs of the names of the area beaches. Things I can create using my Cricut. I bought Nicole a piece of paper that has jelly fish on it since she and Andrew both were stung the other day. That was really the find I had.

The highlight of the day for me was walking on the beach tonight to find shells. Caden was a happy camper this time at the beach; he didn't have to go in the water. Well, just his feet. I got an awesome shot of both Daddy and Caden's foot. I love it. I think I will print it in black and white.

We also saw a dead eel on the beach. Pam would have loved it. As we continued walking I tried to mentally keep track of where it was. I was freaking out that the tide was going to bring it back out to the water and then push it onto my leg. Yuck! Here it is:

We plan to have a pretty filled day tomorrow. We are going to hit Myrtle Beach State Park around 8 to put our feet in the Myrtle Beach. Since we are this close we figure we should put our feet in. Then we are going to head back to see the Zabels off around 10ish. Then we will hit the Surfside Beach here until lunch time, eat at a little restaurant across the state from our house, and then head to the Ripley's Aquarium after lunch. We will be heading home after dinner so we can drive through the night again for Caden. I will see if I can get a blog update in before we leave.

I will leave you will a cute video clip of Caden. In order to hear it without the music playing, you need to scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page and pause the music. Caden thought it was pretty funny when I ran at him after Ryan had put him in his pajamas. I always love it when he laughs.

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