Friday, August 07, 2009

Myrtle Beach State Park, Surfside Beach, River City Cafe, and the Aquarium

Busy is the one word that I think accurately describes today. We headed out a little after 8 this morning to hit the Myrtle Beach State Park. We took a walk out on the pier, and then we walked the beach. We thought we would get a little video shot of Caden putting his feet in the water. I was paying close enough attention to realize that a larger than I thought wave was coming up, so he ended up getting a little wet. He wasn't too happy with Mama. Here are some pics from the trip.

After that we headed back to the house to say goodbye to Tony, Maren, and Esther. They had a flight out of Myrtle Beach International Airport at noon. We then took one last trip to Surfside Beach with Andrew, Nicole, and Maddie. The waves were pretty rough. Ryan attempted to ride the boogie board. Caden, believe it or not, still hated the water. This time we got a video of him. Don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to stop the music if you would like to hear the video. Here it is:

We then hit River City Cafe to have a quick bite to eat. wasn't quick, but it was pretty tasty. Ryan and I both ordered grouper sandwiches. We then took some family shots by the water. Caden made him self right at home, and he propped his foot up just like he always does.

After lunch Ryan, Caden, and I headed to Ripley's Aquarium. Caden was sleeping for quite a bit of it, but after he woke up he seemed to enjoy it. I was so irritated because I forgot to charge the battery in the camera last night. So we only got a few pics in the beginning before the battery died. Ryan got a few on his phone, but the lighting wasn't very good.

This is a picture of a saw fish that swam over us as we walked through the tunnel. Pretty cool!

Right now I am sitting with Caden at the dining room table at the house. Ryan is taking an hour nap, I will then take an hour nap, we will eat dinner, and then we will hit the road!

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