Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Myrtle Beach, Scrapping at the Beach, the Beach

Today we decided to go a little back in time and headed down to downtown Myrtle Beach. There were a lot of old hotels and some shopping. It was incredibly hot. The most exciting part was when we passed an arcade that had the biggest crane game I have ever seen. Ryan took a pic to show:

After we walked for awhile we headed home for lunch. As soon as the kiddos were asleep Nicole and I ventured out to find Scrapping at the Beach. After Nicole made a U-Turn in front of a cop (no, she didn't get pulled over...whew!), we found the shop. Is it weird that I start to get a little giddy when I enter a new scrapbook store? Especially privately owned ones. It was a pretty small store, but they had some decent paper. I also bought three transparency scrap sheets that were cute. Here are some pics of a couple of sheets of paper and two of the transparencies I got.

I know we didn't go to the aquarium yet, but we plan to go tomorrow or Friday. I was planning ahead. These purchases should make for a few pretty easy and cute layouts.

Of course after we got back to the house we had to go to the beach. You would think at this point Caden would be getting used to the water...nope. You will notice he is still not liking it.

Here he is mad that Ryan let the water splash him.

He doesn't mind sitting in the sand though. Especially with Mads.


I also tried to get Caden's footprints in the sand. This was the best I could get. If you look carefully you can see the two prints above his name.

Ryan, Tony, and Andrew threw a football around for awhile. It was hard to get decent pics since they were out a decent ways.

For dinner then Ryan grilled some chicken and basted it with his own barbecue sauce. Yum!

We worked on cleaning the house a little tonight, too. Since there is sand everywhere, we have noticed there are fleas. That really grosses me out, but I keep reminding myself they are sand fleas. That somehow doesn't make me feel any better. I will be washing EVERYTHING Friday before we leave. We don't need to bring any friends home with us.

I will leave you with a pic that Stephanie took of Ryan.!

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The Josephs Family said...

The sand fleas freak me out too. I didn't sleep worth a darn last night because I'm convinced they're in our bed!