Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More beach time, Civil War museum, no scrapbook store

This morning we hit the beach with the little man. Ryan was pretty creative with the shells. Here is his masterpiece:

Caden is also still pretty unsure about the water. Ryan isn't giving up:

He did a little better yesterday. He discovered that sand doesn't taste that bad! These are some pics from after I posted.

Caden and Mads spending some quality time together.

Look at those lips!

Here is also a picture of a man rocking some cut off shorts. Also notice the beverage he is carrying in the brown bag. Classy...

We went back to the Broadway Shops to find a scrapbook store that was listed as being there. It wasn't. I didn't get too discouraged because we had the address for another one. I even called to make sure they were there. It was a let down though, because they really didn't have much. I was looking for some cool paper, or stickers that had to do with Myrtle Beach. Nothing. I left without buying anything. When we got home Stephanie told me that the store from the Broadway Shops moved, and she found it. I plan to hit that store tomorrow. She said they have some unique papers, so I'm pumped!

We also found a South Carolina Civil War museum, so Ryan and I took Caden there. Here are a couple pics:

It was a free museum. There were some interesting items there. Caden seemed to like the guns, as you can see from his expression.

We also stopped at a Flea Market. We didn't get anything there. It was pretty junky and smelled like a porta potty.

It was a pretty filled day! Stay tuned for exciting scrapbook news tomorrow...I hope.

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