Thursday, August 27, 2009

Growing up too fast

I have decided that Caden is growing up too fast. He started standing up on his own last weekend. He takes his hands off of the coffee table and just stands there. After 5-10 seconds he very slowly and smoothly puts his hands back on the table. Here is a shot that Andrea got of him while we were in Toledo.

He also looks like he is starting to try to stand from a seated position. I think it will be sometime in September that he starts walking...unfortunately. I'm not ready!

He also can climb up the stairs now with no help. I wanted to get a video of it today, but of course he wouldn't do it with the video camera on. I will try again tomorrow. He doesn't get the coming back down the stairs yet. We are working with him on it so that he learns to back down the stairs.

He has been very tired the last few days once it hits around 6 pm. He hasn't been sleeping well at night because of teething. Ryan and I now understand the pain of having a teething child. It's not that he is waking up screaming; it is just that he keeps waking up. Any suggestions?

He is loving chewing with his new teeth. Here he is chowing down on a piece of crusty bread last night.

I also noticed that he was gritting his teeth. I tried to stop him, but Ryan reminded me that since his teeth are new to him he is just playing. He only did it a few times.

I will leave you with a pic of him from tonight. Happy little boy.



Diane said...

get a teething ring and put it in freezer to freeze and give it to caden, for his teeth or get some baby oragel

The Josephs Family said...

Have him nap more during the day. Even though it seems like he's tired from waking up during the night he just might not be getting enough sleep during the day. I think at 9 months they're still supposed to sleep 12-14 hours per day.

Stephanie said...

Alex used to grit his teeth every once in a while. He doesn't really do it anymore. Check out my blog, there is an award waiting for you.