Friday, August 14, 2009

Confused shopping cart and Game night

Last night I had to run to Target to return the cute shopping cart. There were wires crossed that Ryan discovered. If you pushed the circle it said "star." And, of course, if you pushed the star it said "circle." I don't think we need to confuse Caden. I was disappointed when I took it back because they didn't have any others on the shelf. I will have to check Appleton's Target when I go next. Here's a pic of him playing with it yesterday before I took it back.

Caden was trying to play with it when I was taking it. I felt a little bad about that. I told him it was "sick." Pretty sure he has already forgotten about it.

Here is a cute one of Caden. He is wearing a shirt that my mom got for him. He looks like he is coming after me!

Tonight we are having Game Night. We don't really have a theme for the food. I am just throwing a ham in the crock pot. Everyone loves ham, plus it won't heat up the house. It should be good.

I am trying to explore more crock pot recipes. That will save some time at night when I get home from school. I will need to start looking up some good recipes.

Here are some pics of Caden playing with his toys while I was cleaning a little.

He was trying to give me the red ball.

He really likes this toy. It is neat because he pushes the button and then the balls shoot up. Sometimes they shoot up so high he needs to crawl after them. It is pretty entertaining.

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