Thursday, August 20, 2009

Busy Day

Today is all about getting ready to go to Toledo. There are quite a few things I need to accomplish before we hit the road tomorrow bright and early.

List of things to do:
1. Pick up Caden's 9 month pics
2. Finish laundry
3. Wash the sheets in the guest bedroom
4. Pick up RX refill from Target and buy a new shower liner
5. Put scrapping items in the office (the table is currently in the dining room)
6. Pack
7. Make dinner
8. Meet with Kelly (Caden's Wednesday and every other Friday sitter) to go over the paperwork

I know there are other things I need to do, but I will be lucky if I get all of this accomplished.

Caden is snoozing right now, so I am going to jump in the shower and get as much done at the house as I can. Then I'm off!

Why does it seem like there is never enough time?

Here is the pic of the finished invite that I promised. All I need to do is print the details, stick them in, and mail them out! Do you like the brown writing on the front instead of the green? I think it appears better. I also did decide to go with the shadowed cupcake for the inside.

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I will leave you with a pic a Caden playing with his piggy bank this morning. He is determined that he will be able ot get a coin in by himself. He is not quite there yet.

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