Monday, August 03, 2009

Broadway Shops, Planet Hollywood, and Surfside Beach Pier

I'm happy to report that the headache went away. I guess the ibuprofen and sleep helped. We decided to head to the Broadway Shops today. It is a cute little shopping center in Myrtle Beach. Andrew was very excited to go because there is the only KISS coffeehouse there. And since he is basically a KISS freak, it was exactly his cup of tea... or coffee. Ryan got into it too. Here is a pic of him with his latte.

After the coffeehouse we walked around the shops. I found a cute book for Caden in one of the shops, and he decided he need to "read" it right away.

Alex and Caden also posed as Ben and Jerry. Ice cream never looked so cute!

Ryan and Caden also enjoyed taking in the view of some very hungry fish. I know there are a lot of ducks, but if you look closely you will see the fish as well.

Then we decided we were pretty hungry. Since there are so many of us, and so many different restaurants were there, we decided to break for lunch. Ryan, Caden, and I went to Planet Hollywood. The food was okay, but our waitress was very nice. Here is Caden posing my the Power Ranger costumes. I figured Danny would enjoy this shot since he used to be obsessed with the show.

We then headed back to the house for afternoon naps. Ryan, Caden, and I took a walk down to the pier. Here's a pic:

We will be eating here at the house tonight and just relaxing. Tomorrow we plan to hit the beach again since the weather should be nice.


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