Sunday, August 02, 2009

Beach time

Today was a pretty rainy and stormy day, but we lucked out this morning. It was sunny and hot this morning, so we headed to the beach. Caden got pretty upset with me when I put him down next to me on the sand so that the water would hit us. As soon as he felt the water he started to cry. It took a little while before he would go back. There was a spot in the sand farther away from the ocean where there was some water. Most of the time the kids played there. Here are some pics:

Here is Caden still a little unsure about the sand.

Tony and Esther chillin'

Gabe and Alex

Mads busy at work digging.

The rest of the afternoon was somewhat lazy since it was rainy and a Sunday. Many things are closed today, so we hung out at the house. I spent most of the time on the front porch watching a storm and laughing as people ran to their cars.

For dinner we headed to a seafood buffet that had over 130 different items. I attempted to try a little of everything. I even tried an oyster again. Still don't like them. I ate some crab legs, of course, but then Caden got pretty fussy. I walked around the restaurant quite a few times with him. They had "real" mermaids at the front of the restaurant, so Caden and I watched them a bit. It was two girls in bikini tops and a costume mermaid tail. They didn't do too much. Seemed like a pretty easy job to me.

I didn't take pics of the place because I realized I could just put the link to the website that shows it. Here it is:

I will have to take some pics of the view from the back balcony.

I am currently sitting on the bed in our room. Caden is sleeping, which is good since he didn't really nap that much today. I plan to take some Ibuprofen for a headache that I have, and then hit the sack. I am hoping I feel better tomorrow. The headache hit me after dinner, and my head is just throbbing. Yuck!


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