Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Andrew update and invites finished

This will be a quick update since I am exhausted. It is ten to midnight and I am still awake. This is unheard of!

Andrew was doing well when we left. The swelling has started, of course, but that is normal. The saddest thing was that his eyes are swollen completely shut, so he is probably so confused. Here is a pic that Ryan shot with my phone.

Poor little guy. He is doing well. He is right on with all that should be happening at this point. Like I said before, check the CaringBridge website that Cara set up. She updates whenever anything happens. Plus she adds a pic almost every time.

We got back to Oshkosh around 5:45 tonight. The dogs were happy to see us. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and took them for a nice walk. I brought a blanket for Caden since it was a little breezy. Even with his feet covered, he still managed to prop them up on top of the stroller.

Little weirdo!

The reason I stayed up so late is because I was bound and determined to finish his birthday invitations. Mission accomplished! The only thing I need to do is print the stickers that will go inside with all of the information about the party. I am waiting to do that until a little closer to the date. I would hate to print and stick them all in to find out that I need to switch the date for some reason. I will put a pic on tomorrow's post of the finished product.

Have a nice night!

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