Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ah... Home

It is always nice to get home after you've been gone for awhile. Even though we had a ton of fun, this time was no different.

Caden had a rough time at the nursery today at church. For some reason he cried the entire time. I think he is just off still from the trip. He was pretty happy to see Ryan. When Ryan brought him out he was still doing the little quiver from crying. Sad.

After church Danny and Ryan raced to get the lawn at both the house and the duplex mowed before the temperature got too hot. It was already around 85 by 9:30, so it still was pretty hot.

Caden feel asleep almost immediately when we got home. That was part of the reason he was so upset. I worked on cleaning and cooking while he slept. Since it was so hot I made tuna noodle salad so the guys would have something cool to eat.

I also started to clean the living room carpet. I blocked off half of the room to do today, and we will do the other half tomorrow. I have been wanting to do this for awhile, and I think the fleas at the other house freaked me about overall cleanliness! Speaking of the fleas, I am happy to report that no fleas have been spotted. Yippee!

After Caden's nap we played a lot. I think he is happy to see his toys again. And of course he doesn't want to just play with one toy; he wants them all! Here is the aftermath of his playing:

We are off to Chris' house for dinner tonight, and then I plan to map out everything I need to accomplish before school starts. I am worried that it is going to be a pretty long list and not that much time!

Have a nice night!

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