Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not Quite Ready for Big Boy Food

Today Ryan and I took Caden to Red Robin for lunch. Ryan had a pretty big break between seeing patients in Appleton and Omro. We thought we would try ordering for Caden off of the children's menu. Of course we ordered Mac and Cheese. At first he seemed to really like it. Then all of a sudden his was done. I would guess he ate around 10 pieces of pasta. We brought the rest home. We aren't really sure if he didn't like it that much, or if he just wasn't really that hungry. Of well, we will try again sometime soon. He did enjoy playing with the menu. Here are some pics:

The rest of the afternoon I continued to work on the birthday invitations. I did make some progress. Not quite enough to show you, but I am hoping I will get a little bit more done tomorrow before we leave. If I do, I will post some pics.

This evening Pam and I went to Alexis' house for an Arbonne party. It was fun. I bought some really cool things. I am excited to get them. I will have to wait until we get back from vacation.

I am going to finish my list of things to pack. We plan to be on the road tomorrow around 8:30 pm. So I will load the car and finish packing before then. It should be fun. I am going to try to update the blog as often as I can while we are gone. I am assuming we will have internet access. If not, I will see if there is a way for me to update using my Iphone.


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