Friday, July 24, 2009

A Night for Mommy

Today was a pretty good day. Ryan is better, I am done teaching for the APPLE Program, and I scrapped from 5-11 pm with a group of women at Gabriel's Villa. We were just using the facility; they are not patients there. It was a fun night. I got quite a bit done. I finally got the page done with everyone holding Caden in the hospital. That took me forever to figure out how to put it together. I'm so happy it is finally done!

I called Kelly last night to tell her that she will be watching Caden for us on Wednesdays if that works for her. After I called all of the references, I decided I like her. They all raved about her. I especially liked talking to the mother of the little boy, Mason, who is currently there. It made me feel that she is the right person. I am relieved I now do not have to worry about that.

As I said before, Ryan is finally better. I don't think he is back to 100%, but he is definitely better. He tried to make up for lost time with Caden today. They went outside and were playing in the grass for awhile. Here is Caden examining a blade of grass. He is a goof ball.

We are heading to Madison to stay the night tomorrow evening. Sunday morning is Drew's baptism. We are staying overnight in case there is any last minute help needed, and also to spend time with Sara, Mike, and Maddie who are driving over from Minnesota for the baptism. It should be a good time!

Have a nice night!

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