Saturday, July 25, 2009


Today Ryan and I got everything ready to head to Madison for tonight and tomorrow. I had to find an outfit to wear to the baptism, which I did pretty quickly. It was the first one I tried on at JcPenney. We then packed up and headed to Madison around 4 pm. Cara and Jordon had a nice spaghetti dinner for all of the family who were in town already.

Sara and Mike were there with Maddie. Here are some pics of the kids playing. They loved holding themselves up on the coffee table.

After dinner we headed to the hotel. Caden and Maddie hung out in the Pack N Play. Everything was fine until Maddie tackled Caden. Then he pulled her hair... one thing led to the next and we had crying babies. Okay, maybe Maddie didn't start it. I guess a parent always thinks that their child is the innocent one :) They had a good time.

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Anonymous said...

I seem to remember Caden starting the brawl! Cute pics - it was nice to see you all:) Sara