Monday, July 20, 2009

Good News!

The meeting with Kelly went well today. I really liked her. I have to call her references tomorrow, but I think we are going to go with her. She would only have Caden on Wednesdays. She has two little girls of her own. She is currently watching one little boy. One of her daughters is in school, so it would be Caden with the other two kids. Her daughter who will also be at the house is around 4 I think. I'm not too sure how old the little guy is. I would guess around 2. I feel pretty good about her. Keep your fingers crossed!


The Josephs Family said...

How did you find Kelly? Where does she live? That's awesome news! Hope all turns out well!

Barby said...

Through Sheri from work. Her best friend goes to church with Kelly. She thought she would be willing to take the little guy for just one day a week.