Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Croup!

We had an eventful night last night after I updated my blog. Around 11:15 pm I heard a weird noise through Caden's monitor. I wasn't sure what it was, so I poked my head into the room. He was sitting up in the crib and breathing funny. I picked him up and called Ryan into the room. Caden was crying and coughing a very nasty, throaty cough. I didn't feel comfortable putting him back in his crib, so we took him to bed with us. Every time he fell asleep he would have problems breathing, cough, and then wake up again. After around 10 minutes Ryan finally said we could take him to the hospital since he knew all I would do would be to stare at him all night.

Since it is Oshkosh, we didn't wait very long at all in the ER. The doctor who saw Caden said that it was most likely croup. He gave him some oral steroids and told us to use the humidifier. We got home around 12:30. Of course I took a pic with my phone while we were there. This will be his pic for the day.

He was a pretty happy camper until they used the tongue depressor on him. Then they took his temperature three times because the nurse kept grabbing a thermometer with a dead battery. So he wasn't too happy about the three pokes in his little butt.

Ryan seems to be better. Thank goodness! I had two sick boys yesterday! I just hope both are better in time for our trip this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed!

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