Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Caden's birthday invitations

Today Pam and I went to a cute scrapbook store in Fond du Lac called The Scrapbook Cottage. They have some nice paper and some cute embellishments that we have never seen at other stores. We then headed to Hobby Lobby so I could get the paper I need to make the invitations to Caden's first birthday party. I know it is still three months away, but I want to take care of making them before I go back to school. I got all of the supplies I need. I started them tonight. I will post a picture of the finished product once I get to that point. I would like to put them together tomorrow, but we will see how that goes.

Here is Caden's pic from the day. He is sitting like a big boy in the cart at Hobby Lobby checking out the stickers. Too cute!

Caden's cough seems a little better today. He is the worst at night. That is pretty typical with the croup. I was up with him from 4 am until around 5 am. Every time he would fall asleep he would cough, which would wake him up and he would start to cry. Poor little guy. He did well during the day though. Keep your fingers crossed that he is back to normal by Friday. That's my hope!

Ryan is also doing well. The medicine seems to be working. I think both boys should be feeling great by this weekend.

Tomorrow I plan to spend the day preparing for Myrtle Beach. I have to pack, wash a few more things, find my bathing suit (I haven't seen it since Florida, but I remember packing it...), and make my list of things to not forget. I should be pretty busy!


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