Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Deck update

I thought I should keep putting daily pics of the deck on the blog leading up to Sunday. The guys are getting a little concerned about getting it finished by Sunday. I think the progress is pretty impressive considering they started it one week ago tomorrow. Here is what it looks like tonight.

They were not able to work on it last night. So this is how it looks after only 6 days of work!

Here are also a few more pics of Caden. This is how he likes to lounge when he eats somtimes. Notice the foot up on the island.

He also has started to scrunch up his face when he smiles. I think he looks like a little pirate in this pic!
Here is a pic of him after he ate a teething biscuit. I was holding him and trying to take a picture. I think he was maybe trying to eat the camera!


The Josephs Family said...

Who is the creepy dude poking out of your patio door? :) Caden's pirate picture is ADORABLE! I LOVE IT!

Barby said...

Don't you mean, who is that beautiful goddess? :)