Thursday, May 07, 2009

Rolling over!

Yesterday (Wednesday) Caden was able to roll from his back to his front. He did it twice for Ryan. He even rolled from the back to the front, and then back again! He is such a big boy.

This week has been dragging! I have felt exhausted the entire week. Caden did sleep through the night Monday night and Tuesday night. He woke up last night because his diaper was saturated and he had leaked. He hasn't done that in a long time. As soon as he was changed he was a lot happier. As long as we were both up I fed him also. I am hoping that the trend of sleeping through the night wasn't just a trend. We will have to see how tonight goes.

Tuesday night I went to the UCP dinner/fashion show at the Convention Center. It was nice. Caden hung out with Daddy, Uncle Danny, and Grandpa. They decided to take him to a new establishment in Oshkosh: The Tilted Kilt... Ryan said Caden really liked it. I'm pretty the rest of the guys were the ones who really liked. I wouldn't doubt it that Caden got hungry there. If you don't know what restaurant I am talking about, Google it. You will get quite the eyeful. Ryan told me that the outfits they have on on the website are the exact ones they wear in the restaurant. Oh well!

Last night Ryan's cousin Stephanie found out she will be having a little boy this fall. We are very excited for her since that is really what she wanted. Not to mention it will make it easier with hand-me-downs since Cara and I both have cute little men. Congrats Steph!

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