Thursday, May 21, 2009

Master Barby

This week went well. My graduation was last Saturday, and it was a great day. It was pretty windy, but other than that everything went well. The ceremony was at UWO, and it lasted a little under two hours. It seems like it flew to me, but I wasn't sitting on a bleacher. Caden sat very patiently through the entire ceremony. Here are some pics that Ryan got:

Told you it was windy!

Here are some family shots after the ceremony.

Pam threw a party for me. We ended up moving it to our house because of the lake flies. Here I am with some of the goodies people got me.

I got a couple of gift cards for Archivers (Thank you Sam and Linda), so I headed up to Appleton on Sunday with Pam and Caden. I got some great scrapping items. I am excited to use them.

This week was pretty chaotic at school. On Monday the budget finally came out for the state, and it is projected that each school district is going to have to cut 5% of its budget. So on Monday, 22 teachers in the district were told that they may possibly be cut. I am not one of those teachers, but I am still sick about it. Some of my close friends from school are on that list. I am hoping that somehow this budget problem will be solved. I'm not sure what will happen. Oshkosh is going to have to cut 2.3 million dollars. It is crazy...

Caden is getting very close to crawling. I think it could really be any day now. I had to take the hammock thing out of the Pack N Play this week. I had him in there playing with his toys, and I heard a scurrying noise. I looked over and he was peeping at me over the edge. Here he is:

That told me that it was time for him to go to the bottom. He is not too fond of it. He acts like he is in prison. Still pretty cute though.

We also tried the teething biscuits this week. He liked it a lot. I took him outside to eat it. I stripped him down to his onesie, and put him on a blanket. It was a beautiful day, so we enjoyed it outside. Sassy watched on as Caden ate. Whenever a chunk broke off, Sassy was quick to help with the clean up.


The nice weather also means that Caden gets to be barefoot again. He loves it. Here is a pic of his cute little feet!

This Sunday is the half marathon in Madison. I am running, I have not trained. I'm not sure how it will turn out. My only goal is to finish. I don't care about my time. I will make sure to tell you all how I do.

Have a great loooonnnggg weekend!

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The Josephs Family said...

OMG!! That picture of you in the wind is HILARIOUS! I laughed out loud! Congrats on the Master's! And Good Luck with the half marathon!