Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Tale of Many Trips!

It has been about a month since I last posted, and we have been a traveling family. It started with March 28th when Caden and I drove to Toledo. Well, I actually did the driving; he slept most of the trip. He was awesome in the car. We left in the morning and he went to sleep right away. I finally woke him up once we got to the first nice rest stop in Indiana. I fed him, gassed up the car, got lunch for myself, and we continued on our way. We made it there in about 7 hours.

We stayed until Wednesday, April 1st. We had a lot of fun. Here he is playing with his Grandpa. He looks like he is flying:

He also got a kick out of my dad taking him on a trampoline.

We went to cousin Diane's on Sunday. Here he is with Aunt Ann and also with Aunt Theresa:

Monday was a gorgeous day. Aunt Ann, Grandma, Caden, and I went to Wildwood for a walk. It was a beautiful day.

He also got a bath in grandma's sink!

Tuesday was a good day too, just not as warm. We met Grandpa Philo, Aunt Diane, Jim, JJ, Aunt Anna, Laura, CJ, my dad, Andrea, and Stephie at Bob Evan's for dinner. We then went back to Dad and Andrea's for dessert. It was nice getting to see everyone. Here is a generational pic that we took. Granpa seemed to enjoy Caden just as much as he enjoyed Grandpa!

Wednesday it was back to Wisconsin to prepare for the next trip. I did laundry on Thursday and repacked out bags. We left the house Friday morning at 4:30 for our flight out of Appleton. We had three legs to our flights both there and back. Never again! Caden was awesome, but it was just too much. He actually woke up smiling. Here is a picture of him when we first went to the airport:

We had a wonderful time in Florida. We went on walks every day, we went to the zoo, Tarpon Springs... It was great. Caden really loved the whole no shoe thing. He turned into my little Hillbilly baby. I think the people in the zoo had just as much watching him chew on his feet as they did watching the animals! Here are some pics of highlights from the trip. I will have to send out some pics so you can see them all.

Mom and Bill's Pinch A Penny is very nice. I am going to be adding a video of Mom leading me on a tour of the store and then doing a water testing for a customer. They are working very hard.

Our return trip from Florida was Saturday, April 11th. So we got back into Oshkosh for Easter. We spent Easter day at Jay and Linda's with family. Caden looked too cute in the Easter outfit that Grandma [Owed- Or Grammy as Caden will call her :) ] got for him.

Then it was back to reality. Tuesday was a big day for us as Pam decided that she is retiring at the end of this school year. Caden is very excited. So the little man will be spending a lot of time with her next year. I just need to find someone to watch him one day a week. He is going to be spoiled rotten! He will love it.

He seems to just be entering his mommy stage. Where he wants me to hold him. Ryan said he was breaking his heart yesterday when Caden reached out for me while he was holding him. I told Ryan it is normal and all babies go through that phase. We will see how this develops.

Yesterday I went to a conference in Waukesha, WI. It was a charter school conference. I went to sessions about technology. I got a lot out of the day. It was also fun then because Becki, another teacher and friend who went as well, and I went shopping then. I got some cute things for Caden, of course!

I hope everyone has a great week!

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