Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meeting Drew and Cara Scare

Last week was pretty great since Caden got to meet his little cousin. Ryan and Caden picked me up from work on Friday and we went right to Madison. We got there around 5:45 and stayed until 7:30ish. We just wanted to make sure we got to see Drew. Ryan was scheduled to attend a continuing ed conference all day in Madison on Saturday, and I had an ACT prep class to teach in Ripon. Friday was our best bet to get to Madison. Here are some pics from our visit:

Here is Drew!

The proud uncle.

Gee Golly being an older cousin is the coolest!

The happy aunts

Saturday morning is pretty much a blur. We got a phone call from Pam saying that Cara was in the emergency room becuase she was hemorraghing. It took us all of two seconds to decide we needed to go to Madison to look after Drew while everyone else was with Cara at the hospital. Ramona, Jordon's grandma, luckily was staying with them still, so she watched Drew until we got there. I think she was pretty happy to see us! We had a pretty good time with him. Here are some pics:

Take a snooze

Getting his clothes changes...and still taking a snooze!

I am happy to say that everything worked out well with Cara. She was released from the hospital Sunday evening. But this was after an emergency surgery and a couple blood transfusions. She wouldn't be Cara if she didn't keep us on our toes! She and Drew had appointments and they both received clean bills of health. Hallelujah!

Sunday was relatively boring compared to Saturday. We went to Appleton because I wanted to hit Archivers. Alexis came with us since she had never been. I'm not sure how that is even possible! I am pretty sure she will be returning. I got quite a bit of paper for my 365 Days of Caden album. I started working on it Sunday night; it is actually being put together now! Yay!

I also got my hair colored and cut on Sunday. It was only a glaze, so my hair is just a little darker but a lot shinier. As far as the cut, I'm still not sure what I want to do, so I just had Catie trim it. If anyone has suggestions about the do, I am open to hearing them!

Sunday was also my grandma's birthday, so I got to talk with her for a little bit. We already have her present, so I will be taking it with me to Toledo when I go this Saturday. I hope she likes it!

Monday was a great day because I used one of my maternity days and stayed home with Caden. We had a great time. He is really starting to play more, so it was fun. I also had a doctor's appointment to check my thyroid. When I got home today there was a message for me to call them, so I wonder if my levels have changed. It would explain why I am always tired...or could that be because I have a 5 month old? I have to call tomorrow to find out what is going on with that.

Tonight was bath night for Caden. Today was the first time we put him back in the big tub since he was less than a month old. I also realized that if I flipped him around in the tub he could sit up better. It is amazing what reading does for you! Here is a pic from his bath tonight:

This Saturday, as I said before, Caden and I will be heading to Toledo. We will stay until Wednesday. Then we will come home and use Thursday to get ready for our trip to Florida. We leave early Friday morning for Florida. We have a flight out of Appleton. We will be staying in Florida to visit with Mom and Bill until Saturday, April 11th. I hope we get to see Mom. I know she will be working every day, so I'm sure we will probably end up having to spend some time at the store to see her. Ryan and I are renting a car, so we will probably head out on our own some of time. I was thinking it would be fun to go to the zoo since it isn't warm enough here to do that. Plus that would make for some cute pics of Caden!


The Josephs Family said...

Did you remember to use your birthday gift card while you were at Archivers? :)

Looks like Caden is a fan of the "big" tub!

Barby said...

It's funny you should mention that! I was going to call you last night. I was cleaning out Caden's diaper bag and I found my birthday card! It is the birthday that keeps on giving! I will use it next time I go there. Thank you!