Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Flu and Cereal!

It seems like time is flying! Last week went pretty well with Caden going to either Nicole or Linda. It didn't take too long to get into the groove of things. I now know what time I need to be up to get everything set, and also what I need to do the night before in order for things to run smoothly. I think we have our system nailed down. Ryan drops him off every day, and I pick him up. Pam is helping on Thursdays when I have RAP (It stands for something like Ripon Area Professional... something. It is a meeting after school). She picks him up on those days and brings him to the house. It is nice not having to rush.

On Thursday and Friday morning I had parent teacher conferences at school. Not too eventful. Both days combined I had four parents come to see me. And yes, as you guessed, not the parents I needed to see. I was able to get the book New Moon finished, my quizzes graded, and my lessons written for this week. So I did get quite a bit accomplished.

Friday was what Ryan and I were really excited about. We headed to Minnesota for the Chicago reunion! Glen, Liz, Avery, and Peterson babies A and B were also going to be at Joel and Mindi's. Well, things didn't turn out to be as great as we had hoped. On the way there Ryan started out feeling great. He had a cold, as did Caden, but no big deal. About an hour and a half into the trip he got a really bad sinus headache. We stopped to pick up something for him at Target. About two hours after that he started to feel nauseous, but again we weren't too worried because that happens sometimes with sinus issues. Once we crossed into Minnesota he threw up. I pulled over at a gas station to throw away the bag and get him some water. I thought we should turn back, but he felt better. He figured it was food poisoning, but we couldn't figure out from where. So we continued on our way. When we finally got there he still felt pretty rough and slept the majority of the night. (We got there at 6 pm.) He ended up getting sick one more time. We all still figured he had food poisoning. That opinion changed Saturday morning.

I woke up with a sore throat, but then quickly realized my stomach was upset. The rest of the day I was out of commission. I ended up getting sick 5 times! Lucky me! Ryan called Danny to see how he was, and he was also sick when Ryan was. We figure we had to have caught something from Caden. He is the only the we all have in common. No matter where it was from, I'm just glad it is gone! The only good part from the whole episode is that I lost the rest of my baby weight on the flu diet.

Here are some pics from the good parts of the trip:

Time with Aunt Liz.

Caden with his lady Olivia


All the lovely children: Olivia, Ella, Avery, and Caden

Yesterday Caden had his four month check. He is doing very well. He is 13 lbs. 11 ounces and 25 3/4 inches tall. He is at the 70th percentile for height and only the 25th percentile for weight. He is a tall lean guy. The nurse practitioner also said he could start eating rice cereal. He is hitting all of the marks he should be. He started to roll from his stomach to his back yesterday. He also is gabbing up a storm. Ryan and I recorded both of these, and I plan to put it up on the blog to show everyone. We need to still get the video camera software loaded on the Mac, so I will have that up next week. It is pretty cute.

Here are some pics of Caden and his cereal:

This looks pretty good...

I'm still not to sure how my mouth works!

I hope everyone's week is great!


The Josephs Family said...

So sorry that you guys were sick during your vacation. Liz's FB said that she was sick on Monday, too. :( Looks like Caden was a fan of the cereal! Looking forward to playing with Caden tomorrow!

Stephanie said...

Hopefully you will all be back to normal soon.

Andrea said...

Hope you, Ryan and Danny are doing much better. Caden is growing so fast; when and how long is Spring break?