Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Duplex drama and sick mom

It seems like last week is a blur. School went well. Both classes ended units: the non-fiction unit for English 9 and Ordinary People in my REACH classes. Now this week we are beginning the research paper in my English 9 classes. That is probably my least favorite unit to teach. It has to be so precise and picky. A lot of times it is like pulling teeth to get them to turn in every part of the paper since I require the first draft, second draft, works cited... It is going to be a long unit!

The weekend went pretty quickly since the majority of the weekend was devoted to getting the duplex ready to rent again. The last tenant on the lower level just wreaked havoc on the place. Here is one of the pics:

Notice the shavings still on the carpet!

Ryan, Dick, and Danny did a good job getting it to look good again. They had to sand the crap out of the doors. The look a little distressed, but they still look good. We still need to get the carpets professionally cleaned, but it looks better. I will have to take some new pics and show you how well it turned out. Our next step is going to be to sell the place. We are seeing if Adam, our upstairs tenant, wants to purchase the place. Keep your fingers crossed.

Friday night we had some excitement. Ryan and I went to bed, but Danny stayed up a little later. Somehow the front door was unlocked, I swear I checked that it was locked before I went to bed, and someone walked into the house. Yes, he walked into the house. Luckily Bentley chased him out. Danny heard the front door open so he came upstairs to see what was going on. He yelled to the guy in the front yard. Our living room light was on, so we figure he thought there was a party here. There were a lot of cars on the street, so we think someone was out of town and the kids decided to throw a party. We ended up filing a police report, but they didn't find the guy. He didn't touch or take anything, but it is still creepy. Ryan bought one of those metal bar locks to add to the front door! Don't worry Grandma, I now always go up to the door and physically relock it!

My mom is giving us all a scare right now. I talked with her yesterday. She explained that she went to the walk in clinic because she hasn't been feeling well. They found out that she is severely anemic. She had an appointment scheduled today with her regular doctor. She was admitted to the hospital because they found that she only had 1/3 of the blood in her body that is needed. She was getting a transfusion tonight. The blood loss is due to internal bleeding. They need to figure out what is going on. We are all hoping that it is a bleeding ulcer. I have been waiting by my phone for an update, but so far no news. She was in good spirits when I spoke with her tonight. She's a trooper. I will update the blog when I get more information.

To end on a good note, Cara is due in one week! Ryan and I are very excited to meet our little niece or nephew, as is Caden. He can't wait to play! If she hasn't had the baby by the 17th, they will induce her on that day. We are all hoping that she goes into labor on the 17th without an induction. Good luck Cara!

Here are some other cute pics from last week:

Taking a snooze with his giraffe.

Checking out the toolbox with Grandpa.

Have a good week!

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The Josephs Family said...

OH MY GOD! That door looks HORRIBLE! I can't believe she just let things get like that! In other news... the stuff that you moved out... anything good? :)