Thursday, January 15, 2009

Visit to Minnesota and then Cold! Cold! Cold!

Well we had a great time in Minnesota. It did end up to be a very short trip. We left Ripon at around 12:30. I stayed long enough to get the description about all of the remaining projects I will have to complete before I graduate MAY 16th!!!! The end is finally near!!! Anyway... we made the trek to Minnesota. We got there around 5:15 I think. We only had to stop once for Caden to eat. He slept the entire way. We went directly to Joel and Mindi's since there was a dinner reservation for 6:30. Mindi and I had to hold each other's baby, so here is a pic:

The babies even "danced" as I serenaded them with "I've had the time of my life." They also had in depth conversations about the Vikings and the Packers:

Of course it was the daddies who decided to add the beer!

After dinner we headed to Sara and Mike's since it was about 30 minutes away. We didn't know how Caden would sleep that night since he slept for the majority of the day. He fell asleep around 10:30ish and he didn't wake up again to eat until 6:30. We couldn't believe it! Obviously sleeping so much made him very tired.

The next day we spent a little time in the morning with Sara, Mike, and Maddie before we headed back to Apple Valley. We had some time since Olivia's baptism was not until 1:00. We also needed time to stop at Target so Ryan could buy a razor and dress shoes. This is what happens when I do not pack for him!

The baptism was very nice. Here is a picture from it:

Caden had a little bit of a meltdown toward the end. Joel and Mindi's friend Susan held him for us since we were by Olivia. Caden had messed his diaper, so of course he freaked out. That little guy does not like a dirty butt!

After the baptism we headed back to Joel and Mindi's for some cake. It was delicious! We were back on the road for Oshkosh by 4 pm. We didn't want to leave too late because it would through off Caden's schedule we thought. He ended up sleeping well Sunday night also.

The new week brought a lot of cold weather. The snow seems to have stopped for awhile, but it is really cold. It didn't get too bad until today, but first I need to mention yesterday.

Ryan and I went for our first Date Night. We dropped Caden off to Pam and Dick around 6:20 pm and then we headed to the Water City Grill. We didn't know it, but Wednesday is Steak Night. They have an awesome steak for $7.99. We both ordered it and loved it. It was nice sitting and talking with just the two of us. I will admit that a lot of our conversation ended up going back to Caden, but we had a great time. We plan to keep going on Date Night every other Wednesday. We will most likely switch up the restaurant, but that $7.99 steak is a really good deal.

Today, as I mentioned before, was the first day of really cold weather. The high as -5 degrees, and the windchill hit 45 below zero! Pretty much every school in the area was closed. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold as well. They already canceled school in most districts. Ripon is closed again, so that means I now have four extra days of my maternity leave. I won't take them right away, but it is great that I get them.

Since it has been so cold Caden and I have stayed at home. We have found quite a few things to do. Here he is playing the piano:

And here he is working with his language flashcards he got from his Aunt Cara:

He has been a busy boy!

I also finished and mailed the invites to Caden's baptism. Here is how they turned out:

Thank you to Linda and Pam for helping me finish these!

Tomorrow I plan to clean the house since the office Holiday party is going to be here on Saturday. I will be a busy girl tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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Stephanie said...

The invitations are cute. It was 80 degrees at 4:00 p.m. here today. You should come and visit us :)