Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year wishes to all! I thought I should start the New Year off correctly by sticking to my word that I would start to keep up with my blog.

As my email explained, I changed the domain name for the blog. didn't seem to fit anymore with the arrival of the little guy. I first thought I would just add his name, but then I realized we will probably just have to add another name in a couple years. I figured happyamesfamily was a good fit. That definitely describes us.

You may also notice that my blog is now "pimped out." A big thank you goes out to Nicole for that. She showed me how to everything new that you see. My favorite part is the little tracker on the top that shows how old Caden is.

Last night we had friends over to help us ring in the New Year. Alexis, Angie, Bruce, Kaiya, Andrew, Nicole, and Mads were all there. Danny celebrated with us for the majority of the night:

Our friend Courtney also came with his daughter Aurora and his new girlfriend Erin who brought her three kids.

We had a good time, although Ryan and I both admitted we have had more fun in the past. I think the big issue was that not everyone was able to come (Sean had the flu), and it also stunk that Andrew, Nicole, and Mads couldn't come until later in the evening.

Alexis came early in the day yesterday to help get things set up. That was a huge help. She helped a lot by watching Caden while I got the food ready. Danny was also a big help in this area as you can see from the picture.

Pam was also a big help. She came the day before to watch Caden while I sorted Christmaspresents and started to clean the house. Here is the little man taking a snooze on Grandma:

The evening consisted of eating, talking, eating, playing with the Wii (mainly Mario Kart, eating, and watching the ball drop. Here I am pretending to enjoy the taste of champagne:

After almost everyone left was when Nicole gave me my blogger crash course. I am so excited to actually have a decent looking blog!

Danny and I had a discussion about our New Year's Resolutions. I thought I should list them below, so I may be a little more likely to follow through since everyone will know them.

New Year's Resolutions

  • Lose the last of the baby weight

  • Run a half marathon (I start training at the end of this month)

  • Read more for fun (Thank you to Alexis for lending me the Stephenie Meyer series)

  • Start contributing as much as possible to our retirement funds

  • Create a Project 365 Album

  • Be a smarter shopper when it comes to sales and coupons (If anyone has any tips please share!)

  • Establish a cleaning schedule for the house (With the little guy it is a lot harder to get my cleaning done!)

I am sure I will be adding more items to this list as the year progresses. What are your resolutions?


The Josephs Family said...

SA-WEEET Blog!!! :) (And I know you'll see this comment because we linked it!)

It did stink that we didn't get to your house until after 11. Bummer. :(

I'm looking forward to seeing your Project 365 pictures. I did it last year and made it 6 months before I missed a day. I probably only missed 14-21 days then for the rest of the year.

Happy New Year!!

Barby said...

We will make up for the lost time this Saturday during game night!

What did you do with the pics you took? We will have to discuss this on Saturday.