Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Holidays

It seems like it was just yesterday that the little guy was born. He is already over 9 weeks old!

We had a great Thanksgiving. Caden did a wonderful job traveling to Toledo. He slept pretty much for the majority of the trip. Since we had to stop for me to feed him a little bit of time was added to the trip, but not much. We were all snug in the Pacifica. Ryan, Danny, Grandma, Caden, and I all made the trek. I'm sure Grandma was happy to go home after staying her for a little over two weeks. She will be coming back again at the end of January.

I think the family liked Caden... of course they did. He is too cute not to want to hug him to pieces. We spent Thanksgiving day at my grandma's house. Everything was great. It was great seeing the family.

The next day we went to my Dad and Andrea's for lunch. They had a feast for us. We all ate so much that I actually felt nauseous. After we were done eating we went to visit my Grandpa, Aunt Diane, JJ, and Jim. We had a nice visit. I just wish we would have been able to stay a little longer, but Caden pretty much dictates when and where we go. We ended up leaving earlier than I wanted because Caden got fussy.

Caden and I may be going back to Toledo at the end of January. I would rather pick Grandma up instead of her taking the bus. We will wait to see how the weather is to determine if we will be driving there. I would like Caden to get to see the family again.

Christmas was wonderful this year. Caden was spoiled rotten with all of his gifts. I'm sure he will be playing with them before we know it. He got quite a few books, some cute outfits, and of course a lot of toys. They are adorable. I will have to post some pics later.

Ryan had a great Christmas too. He got a beer making kit and a wine making kit. He is pretty excited. He will have to talk to Uncle Johnny about making beer. We are asking everyone to save their bottles.

I think I received the most unique gift this year. Ryan got me a mushroom growing kit. All I have to do is add water to it. I am pretty excited. It will be half portobellos and half button mushrooms. Since I also received an immersion blender from my Dad and Andrea, I plan to make cream of mushroom soup in the future. Yum!

I am also really excited because Pam and Dick got me a Cricut Create. Since I am scrapbooking, I know I will be using this all of the time. I have already started Caden's scrapbook, and this will only make it better.

I was on my friend Jessica Schim Turner's blog, and she wrote about this great idea. She is creating a 365 Project album. You basically take a picture a day and then you have photos chronicling an entire year. I think it will be great to look back at our first entire year with Caden. I will need to really keep up with that obviously. With as great as I am with this blog, I am a little worried!

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. We plan to have some friends over, so it should be a good time! I need to work on my New Year's resolution list. I think I should add keeping up with this blog to the list!

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