Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday, Dad!

I know...I know.... I need to update more often. Things are just so crazy right now. First, I want to wish a happy birthday to my Dad. I did remember to call him, but I still haven't mailed his card! I am horrible.

I am at school right now. It is 6:45 pm, and we are having our dinner break from musical practice. One more week and two days and I will have freedom! I know I will miss it. We are down to the wire now. We ended up having a snow day both last Wednesday and this Wednesday, so that doesn't help. To make up for it we came in last Sunday from 11-4, and we will be here this Sunday from 11-5. Once again, I pretty much live at the school!

I did want to try to upload some pictures to the blog the other day, but Ryan needed to use his computer for business reasons. So you can blame him:-)

Danny called me last week to ask a weird question. He wanted to know if Ryan and I were still open to him moving in with us. For those of you who don't know, Danny almost moved to Chicago to stay with us. His roommate Adam and Adam's girlfriend want to move to Kentucky, so Danny won't have a roommate. His isn't up for trying his luck with a stranger, so he thought he may move in with us. He is going to be looking at school to see which will accept all of his credits. Obviously we said yes. He would be able to stay in our lower level. He would even have his own bathroom. I don't know if he realizes what he's in for! I will make him eat healthy and workout. Moiiaaa aaaahhhh aaaaahhhh. That was supposed to be an evil laugh. Not quite sure how to spell it. The only bad part about him moving in is that he also loves "Star Trek: Next Generation" as Ryan does. I will be forced into constantly hearing them recite lines and quiz one another. There is also this Captain Joh Luc Picard song with which I have images of them syncronize dancing. I will have to keep you updated!


Nicole said...

Sweet! I have yet to meet Danny!
By the way... you're not so good at following up on posts. Inquiring minds want to know - What did you get Ryan for his birthday? And what about Danny's girlfriend? :)

Stephanie said...

Nicole brings up a good point. I need answers to questions :)

Barby said...

Yes, I guess I will have to work on my updating. I got Ryan an alarm clock that projects the time on the wall or the ceiling, but he is too blind to be able to see it without his glasses. We are going to take it back.

There is no update with my brother yet, or at least he is holding out on me. I will keep prying.