Friday, January 18, 2008

Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!

I thought this blogging thing would be easy and that I would have no problem keeping up with it. Man was I wrong! I am going to make an honest effort to keep updating this to stay in better contact with the family.

Life is crazy right now. The second office in Omro opened last week. Everything is going well, but there is a lot of stress still. There have been problems with the computers, things not in when they should have been... at this rate Ryan will have gray hair by the time he is 27 (which is in nine days!).

School is going well. I am working with the kids to be ready for the musical next month. It is going to be February 14th-16th. Happy birthday to me! The musical is called Zombies from the Beyond. It is a very quirky musical. The kids are just driving me nuts right now with their singing. There were a couple days this week when I felt like I was listening to the American Idol reject episode. I am hoping it will all come together.

I am pretty sure the next time Ryan and I will be taking a trip will be for my Spring Break. If things are crazy still at the office I may be taking a solo trip. I think we will be going to Toledo from about the 15th of March until the 19th. I would love to go for a longer time, but there is always so much I need to get done at school.

Our friends Andrew and Nicole had a beautiful baby girl last Saturday morning. Her name is Madeline, Maddie for short. She is so cute. People usually say babies are always cute, but she is especially cute. She looks like a little doll. Ryan will pretty much not put her down whenever we see them. I have decided that when we have a baby I will only see the baby when s/he is feeding, because Ryan will always be holding him/her. It is really cute.

I will try to keep you up-to-date from now on!

Stay tuned for information about Danny's potential love interest... I need to make sure with him that it is okay to share. Do I have you hooked?


Nicole said...

Yay! The Ames blog! Thanks for mentioning Maddie... we think she's a keeper! Feel free to post pictures of her when you figure it all out! ;)

UJ said...

Nice update regarding the day to day in Ames-ville. Aunt Chris bit on the Danny "love - interest" tidbit. As for me, I am off to Asia and will miss the season 4 premier of LOST! I am sure you and Ryan will not miss it. With the size of your viewing screen you will be able to pretend you are on the island. Barbie, you can play Claire and Ryan can be Vincent (see if you are true fans and get that one).

Stephanie said...

Congratulations on your blog! I have been watching American Idol and the rejects have been pretty funny this year. The musical sounds interesting. Keep us posted.