Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here goes!

Hello everyone. I promised the family that I would start a blog, so I guess I am just making good on my word.

I have never done one of these before, so I can't promise anything spectacular. I will need to talk with my friend Nicole to see how she makes hers so cute. Her blog looks like scrapbook pages. I like that.

The main thing I want to say now is that I am doing well. I know the family was concerned about me and I appreciate that. But I am a trooper! I am doing fine now.

I go back to school next week. We just have meetings and other time to prep our classrooms for the kiddies to come back. They don't start again until after Labor Day. That will be here too soon! I am looking forward to going back.

My goal is to keep updating this anytime something exciting happens. So let's just hope that I have exciting things happen in the near future!

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